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Raising the bar for football management

Growing up as devoted fans and passionate players, we share love for football, compassion with the hard work of players & coaches and respect for everyone involved in driving and managing the club’s success. We are here to run along with you and bring football into the modern, 21st century era, where it actually belongs.

Our team is fresh, ranging from experienced leaders such as Jan (over 5 years in football management and additional 5 years as a grassroots and academy coach) to young enthusiasts who bring tools such as Mailchimp, Slack, Trello and Instagram into football management. Operating remotely, we offer great deal of flexibility and dynamics we felt the football industry had been lacking.


About Jan

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Nearly 50 phone calls daily, 20 hours a week spent on the road. That too is life in management agency in football industry and true sportsman would not change it for a thing. We like to be challenged, we work hard, handle things fast. After half a decade as solutions provider to professional football clubs, Jan and his team became a young reliable partner with go-get-it mindset and digital marketing overlap.




Football Camps & Matches

Camps sure are a necessity when the season is done and we all need to recuperate. Get your groove on like Fullham London did last time we organized camp for them. Quiet luxury hotel in Poznaň, Poland, seven football pitches cut to the perfection, quality food, summer BBQs and just overal chilled atmoshpere.

We are aware that while planning to go on a break from routine, you don’t want surprises. Let us organize everything for you so it fits your team’s needs and you come back home with happy, relaxed and ready-to-roll football players.

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You can count on us whenever you need a...

  • Pre-season camp
  • Summer camp (in the heart of Europe)
  • Winter camp in the sunny South
  • Mid-season break etc.

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Just sit back & relax.
We’ll take care of...

  • Location. So far, we have organized camps & matches down in Austria, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland and the Czech Republic.
  • Travel arrangements, including flights | charters organization for sports teams.
  • Travel arrangements for holiday makers to Portugal and Spain with gourmet | sports | windsurfing experience.
  • and most importantly matches!

Matches. What kind of camp would it be without getting a little cometitive? So while you’re out there enjoying, why don’t you let us hook you up with one of the coolest teams around? Like we did for Czech team FC Slovacko. Those guys were going to Slovenia to pit their strength against Dynamo Zagreb and guess what?

We took it a noch higher and after this challenging warm-up, AC Roma was awaiting them in Torino. More than 3000 visitors have made it one of the most prestigeous prep camps we’ve seen. It even topped the BBC coverage of one of our prep camps organized for Qatar, putting them against FC Liverpool.

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Players Recruitment

Players Recruitment Scouting for talent can be tricky – pass it on to us. Our player recruitment consultancy is not just watching the player perform once or twice, and then hoping for the best.

Our know-how is more hi-tech based, working with statistical analysis from a database of over 250.000 players worldwide providing you with a complex of information about player‘s history, performance, talent and potential growth.

Players Management

Players management. Are you determined, badass player ready to show what he’s got? We can help you look for teams suitable for your talent, as well as guide you through negotiations, placing and professional growth.


Football matches are watched by millions and companies as well as TV broadcasters know that – yet it can be quite a challenge to get the most out of your match. Big banners alongside the pitch, TV coverage, getting big brands involved, bringing some sponsorships. Let us deal with that while you focus on the game. 

TV rights sales

Advertisement sales

Sponsorship sales

Brand evaluation

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